For the purchase of vouchers our terms and conditions (see below) and privacy policy apply. In addition, the following voucher conditions apply:

The Cloakroom Voucher can be used in accordance with these conditions in the context of purchases on the websites: www.thecloakroom.nl www.thecloakroom.dk www.thecloakroom.se www.thecloakroom.dk
The voucher will be sent to you in the form of a gift card after receipt of payment by post or by mail.
You can pass the voucher to a third party. In this case, you agree not to use the voucher code yourself or to disclose it to any other third party.
Redeem the voucher
The voucher can be used to purchase the products sold through The Cloakroom service. The voucher value will be credited to the invoice amount.
Remaining balance
If the voucher value exceeds the invoice amount, then any remaining credit remains and can be used by re-specifying the voucher code.
A cash payment of the (residual) value of the voucher is excluded.
Period of validity
Vouchers must be redeemed no later than the end of the third year after the voucher code has been submitted; after that they lose their validity.
You agree to keep the voucher code secret and to only disclose it to the person to whom you want to give the voucher. The Cloakroom assumes no liability for the loss, theft or misuse or the delayed delivery (for example due to technical difficulties) of the voucher code.


1. Scope
For all orders via our online shop, the following terms and conditions apply.
2. Contractor, customer service
The purchase contract is concluded with Curated Shopping GmbH. More information about us can be found in the imprint. You can contact our customer service for questions, complaints and complaints "Mon-Fri 9: 00-18: 00 on the phone number +45 89 87 05 40 
3. Contract conclusion
By placing the products in the online shop, we make a binding offer to conclude a contract for these items. The contract is concluded by accepting the offer for the goods contained in the shopping cart by clicking on the order button. Immediately after sending the order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
The condition for an effective conclusion of the contract is always that the order process is completed when the order is placed.
4. Shipping costs
We deliver within Germany free shipping.
5. Payment
The payment is made in advance, via PayPal, or direct transfer.
• Payment in advance
When selecting the payment method in advance, we will give you our bank details in the order confirmation and deliver the goods after receipt of payment.
• Paypal
You pay the invoice amount via the online provider Paypal. You must always be registered there or first register, legitimize with your access data and confirm the payment order to us (except guest access). You'll get more information during the ordering process.
• Direct transfer
We also offer instant transfer. Herewith we receive the transfer credit immediately. This accelerates the entire order process. All you need is the account number, bank code, PIN and TAN. Via the secure, non-tradable payment form of Sofort AG, an Sofortüberweisung automatically and in real time a transfer in your online bank account. The purchase amount is transferred immediately and directly to the bank account of the merchant.
Our service is free for you as a customer, there are only the fees (transfer fee) of your house bank.
If you choose the payment method Sofortüberweisung, a pre-filled form opens at the end of the order process. This already contains our bank account. In addition, the transfer amount and the purpose of use are already displayed in the form. You now have to select the country in which you have your online banking account and enter the bank code. Then enter the same data as when logging in to online banking (account number and PIN). Confirm your order by entering the TAN. Right after you receive confirmation of receipt.
Basically, every Internet user can use the Sofortüberweisung as a payment method, if he has an unlocked online banking account with PIN / TAN procedure. Please note that for a few banks, instant bank transfer is not yet available. More information about whether your bank supports this service can be found here: https://www.payment-network.com/en/user/sofortueberweisung-bankensuche.html.
6. Pickup
We only deliver in transit. Unfortunately, a self collection of the product is not possible.
7. Packing station
We do not deliver to packing stations.
8. Cancellation policy
Below you will receive an instruction on the condition and consequences of the statutory right of withdrawal for shipping orders.
You can revoke your contract within 14 days without giving reasons in writing (for example, letter, fax, e-mail) or - if the case before the deadline - by returning the goods. The period begins after receipt of this instruction in text form, but not before receipt of the goods at the recipient (in the case of recurrent delivery of similar goods not before receipt of the first part delivery) and not before fulfillment of our information obligations under Article 246 § 2 in conjunction with § 1 paragraph 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our obligations according to § 312g paragraph 1 sentence 1 BGB in connection with article 246 § 3 EGBGB. To maintain the cancellation period, the timely dispatch of the revocation or the thing is sufficient. The revocation must be sent to:
The Cloakroom B.V.
Reguliersdwarsstraat 50
1017 BM Amsterdam
E-Mail: contact@thecloakroom.nl contact@thecloakroom.be kontakt@thecloakroom.dk contact@thecloakroom.se
Fax: 030 5770151 - 99
Consequences of Withdrawal
In the case of an effective revocation, the mutually received benefits shall be returned and any benefits (such as interest) incurred. If you can not give us back or give us the received performance as well as usages (eg use advantages) or only partially or only in a deteriorated condition, you have to pay us compensation. For the deterioration of the thing and for drawn uses, you only have to pay compensation if the use or the deterioration is due to a handling of the thing, which goes beyond the examination of the characteristics and the functioning. The term "testing the properties and the mode of operation" means testing and trying out the respective goods, as is possible and customary in a shop, for example. Transportable items are to be returned at our risk. You have to bear the regular costs of the return, if the delivered commodity corresponds to the ordered and if the price of the thing to be returned does not exceed an amount of 40 euros or if you with a higher price of the thing at the time of the revocation still not the consideration or a contractually agreed partial payment. Otherwise, the return is free of charge. Non-parcels are picked up at your place. Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The period begins for you with the dispatch of your revocation or the thing, for us with their receipt.
End of revocation
9. Cost-bearing agreement on exercise of the right of withdrawal
We make use of the possibility to pay you the costs of the return as part of exercising the legal right of revocation described in the above instruction: You have to bear the regular costs of the return, if the delivered goods correspond to those ordered and if the price of the goods returned do not exceed an amount of 40.00 Euro, or if you have not provided the consideration or a contractually agreed partial payment at the time of the revocation at a higher price of the thing.
10. Contract Text Storage
We save the contract text and send you the order data and our terms and conditions by e-mail. You can also view and download the terms and conditions here on this page. Your past orders can be viewed in our customer login.
11. Contract language
The language available for the contract is English.
The Cloakroom B.V.